Tax-Based Services

(Owners, Accountants & Tax Attorneys)

Cost Segregation Studies provide the necessary IRS support to justify accelerated depreciation on building/tenant improvements and construction allowances.

Energy Efficient Commercial Property Certifications are required by the IRS to entitle owners to the one-time deduction available for energy efficient upgrades and improvements.

Abandonment Studies support the write-off of tenant improvements that are demolished at lease termination.

Tax Certiorari Reproduction Cost Studies yield balanced/lower property tax valuation support versus a study entirely based upon the income and sales comp methodologies.

Real Property Deficiency Studies complement standard appraisals used by estate tax attorneys to justify reduced real property valuations.

Compliance-Based Services

(Owners, Developers and Lenders)

Construction Cost Audit Services are tailored for ongoing or recently completed projects to mitigate construction payment risk on erroneous, duplicative, and non-contractual / inappropriate construction costs.

Davis Bacon Compliance Services ensure that prevailing wage requirements for government funded projects are followed accurately.

Insurable Value Studies provide an objective asset replacement cost estimate to ensure that insurance thresholds and insurance premium costs are commensurate.

Construction Cost Recovery, Inc.

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